• Zagreb

    4.50 hours 177 km


    As you put one of the most beautiful European capitals in your rearview mirror and make your way into the peaceful mountains, you’ll feel the excitement and anticipation of adventure building.We have agreed not to put too much information and data into these descriptions because we want you to see it and feel it for yourselves. Read more...

    Sljeme and Žumberačka Gora will be one of the coolest parts you’ll get to explore on the Croatian Way.When you see the hills, rivers, springs, caves, waterfalls, and mountaintop viewpoints, you’ll see exactly what we mean.All of CRO Way is packed full of ancient and medieval sights, and Medvednica and Sljeme are no exceptions.Continuing on, you’ll come into the region of Stubičke Toplice, or as the locals call it, “Spa Region”.Packed full of healing natural springs and rejuvenating spas, spend some time here and recharge!You’ll soon after be coming into the beautiful and historical town of Samobor.Famous for their sweet treats, you’ll definitely want to grab a snack.You’ll soon come into Žumberačka Gora, whose scenery will stay in your mind long after you leave.Kršlinov Mlin is the best place to grab lunch, they boast 100 percent domestic and homemade food.Not long after lunch, you should be entering the gorgeous area of the wine roads.You absolutely must seize the opportunity to try the amazing homemade wine, and food.It goes without saying that you should refrain from seizing this opportunity if you’re the one behind the wheel, save it for later.We suggest that you stay somewhere around Jastrebarsko, your first day is now over!Eat and drink to your heart’s desire and get some rest.Take care and share what you thought of your first day with us!

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    3.45 hours 164 km

    Untouched beauties / JASTREBARSKO - GORSKI KOTAR

    Good morning!If you’ve already had your fill of traditional Croatian breakfast, then you are ready to start today's journey! Read more...

    Your first stop today is Ozalj.A very famous town with a very long history.In fact, archaeologists have discovered remains from the Palaeolithic and Bronze age!The scenery is just as interesting.The town is built around the beautiful River Kupa, and high on a hill looming over the town is a unique and gorgeous castle.After you’ve explored a bit, it’ll be time for your next stop on the way, Kings Town, better known as Karlovac.The city lies on four rivers and has some of the richest flora and fauna.You should visit Aquatiko museum and learn the incredible history of this town.The road from Karlovac will take you to one of the oldest, and at the time the best, European roads called Karolina.Built in 1727, it was the only connection between coastal towns and Karlovac.This will lead you to Novigrad Na Dobri, where you’ll find an 800-year-old castle that you should definitely stop and check out.Still following the Karolina, you’ll go over Wolf Hill, and into the old town of Bosiljevo.The castle here will make your jaw drop.It’s one of the coolest we’ve seen with such an interesting history.Next, you’ll be heading to Vrborsko where you’ll find one of the most beautiful nature parks, Kamačnik.You’ll be sleeping somewhere near Vrbosko and Brod Moravice, so explore the park, eat some dinner, and get some shut-eye.We hope you loved your second day, please tell us how it went and what you saw!Help us out and share it with your friends as well.See you tomorrow!

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    3.10 hours 117 km

    Mystic Mountains / GORSKI KOTAR AREA

    Good morning!If the fresh mountain air isn’t already making your head spin, it definitely will the next few days! Read more...

    Gorski Kotar area is also known as “The Lungs of Croatia”.Beautiful medieval villages are to be discovered around every corner.When you reach Zeleni Vir, make sure you visit the beautiful waterfall and “Devils Passage”.It looks like something straight out of The Lord of the Rings!From here you’ll be seeing the River Kupa quite often, so be sure and stop for a swim if you get too hot.A beautiful spot that we definitely recommend is a famous local swim spot, Pritiski.After that, you’ll start your incline into Delnice.Delnice is the town in Croatia with the highest elevation above sea level.Head up to Petehovac for a gorgeous view of the historical little town.Make sure to stop for lunch at the ski lodge at the top as well, amazing food and warm smiles to be found here.From here, you’ll follow a gravel road which will lead you to another historical road, the Louisiana Road (Lujzijana).You’ll follow the road past many mountain viewpoints, and through Rovna Gora, Sari Laz, Mrkopalj, all the way to Lokve where you should stop for another swim break in the famous Lokve Lake.Explore this area as well, they have a beautiful ancient forest park.Then back on the Louisiana road, you’ll head to Mrzle Vodice.This is where you’ll be able to explore the magical Risnjak National Park.We strongly suggest you spend at least 2 days in Gorski Kotar to fully take in all that it has to offer.You’ll then head to the natural beauty of Gornje Jelenje and the famous Fuzine.We suggest you sleep here, or somewhere nearby.Good night, and we’ll see you bright and early!Tell us about your experience in Gorski Kotar.

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    3.50 hours 152 km

    Unexpected Journey / GORSKI KOTAR - OPATIJA

    Good morning our dear explorers, prepare yourself for a very unexpected day!After a delicious breakfast, you will be reunited with the Karolina road which separates most of the coast from the continental. Read more...

    Make sure one eye is on the road, and one eye is on the scenery, you won’t want to miss a thing on the way to Novi Vinodolski.You’ll notice the temperature starting to climb up as you start to climb down from the mountains, that just means you get to take more frequent swim breaks!You’ll pass the charming town of Crikvenica on your way to Old Town Bakar.Bakar gives you another perspective of Croatia.Leaving there, you’ll head right into the arms of another fortress, Trsat.Trsat looms high above Rijeka, and from there you will have the most stunning view of the city.Think you’ve seen it all?Your day is just warming up!Explore Rijeka, shop, and grab some lunch before the rest of your journey.Around this time, you should be just about to witness one of the most gorgeous sunsets in Europe.When you reach the top of Učka, forget every obligation, every problem, and just be present and enjoy the 360-degree view stretching farther than you’d think was even possible.You can decide to stay somewhere on the mountain, or make your way down to Opatija, and have a drink or two on the beach before turning in for the night there.We hope you’re getting everything you came for so far!Let us know how your day went and share with your friends too!See you tomorrow for your last day!

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    4.15 hours 157 km

    You got what you were looking for / OPATIJA - PULA

    For the last time on the CRO way driving route, we wish you a good morning!After your Mediterranean-influenced breakfast, and your morning swim, you’ll be heading towards your final destination in Pula taking a coastal road. Read more...

    If you didn’t stop for coffee in Lovran or Opatija, we definitely recommend you stop in either Mošćenička Draga or Brseč.Both have a beautiful beach to relax at for your morning coffee.A place we recommend for lunch if you’re in the area is Tavern Velo Kafe.Wonderful food.So far on your journey, you’ve seen many different landscapes, but it’s not done changing yet.On your way to the most southern tip of Istria, you will pass many charming villages and towns with a lot to offer.Check out our attractions list on the website for some ideas for your trip today!When you reach a little past the Premantura Nature Park, you will come into a beautiful view of the Adriatic Sea.It has a relaxing and gentle beach, a little cliff for diving, and a larger one of about 15 meters for the braver amongst you.Make sure and visit the famous dinosaur path on Kamerjak, which has real footprints from dinosaurs!Now it’s time to make your way to Pula.Pula is dripping with history, beautiful sights, and delicious food.It is the perfect finish to your Croatian Way.A final treat, if you have time, is National Park Brijuni, look it up in our attractions list.We are so happy you came on this journey with us, and we hope you found everything you were looking for and more!We expect to see you or a friend of yours very soon.Write to us and tell us everything you thought about the Croatian Way car route.


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