• Zagreb

    3.15 hours 9 km 150 m 120 m

    The Valley of the Pheasant / ZAGREB - SAMOBOR

    We suggest you stay at least one or two days in Zagreb, just to fully take in the historic city.Once you have, its time to start the route! Read more...

    Take tram number 6 or number 11 to Črnomerec, which is 7 stops from the main square.When you reach Črnomerec, you will change the type of transport.You will be looking for a yellow bus, which comes and goes every half hour to Sveta Nedelja.You will have a nice little hike through the quaint town and through the surrounding hills.Then, you will soon come to what we now call, “The Valley of the Pheasant“.Every step you take is surrounded by amazing scenery.By the afternoon, you should reach Samobor.Every stone in Samobor's cobblestone streets tells a story, which you can feel in your very bones.Enjoy and please share your experience with us!Good luck.

  • 1


    7 hours 18 km 710 m 70 m

    Peaceful Mountains / SAMOBOR - JAPETIĆ (Žumberačka Gora)

    Good morning!Today you’ll be heading from Samobor to Japetić. Read more...

    Make sure and head to the main square for coffee and breakfast, sit outside for a real Croatian experience.On your way out of Samobor, you'll get to go first thing to the castle ruins from the 13th century!Today is a bit more difficult than yesterday with a lot more inclines.The incline will barely even register once you get started though because the whole day you are surrounded by the beautiful, and awe-inspiring Žumberak Mountains.When the time comes to part ways with the Peaceful Mountains, you will feel like you're leaving a part of yourself behind.When you’re about to the halfway point, you’ll come to a wonderful place to stop, get lunch, and rest your feet.Once you regain your strength, it’s time to finish the homestretch to Japetić.This part of the hike is challenging yet rewarding.After a few inclines, you’ll be coming to a small village called Dragonoš.This means you’re only about an hour away from your destination!Once you reach Japetić, sit on their beautiful deck and treat yourself to a delicious dinner, and an amazing view!You’ve made it!You’ll be staying the night here, in their rooms upstairs.Good job today, and we’ll see you in the morning.

  • 2

    Žumberačko gorje

    4.45 hours 14 km 50 m 720 m

    Little Tuscany / JAPETIĆ - JASTREBARSKO

    Good morning!Today you will be descending from Japetić to Jastrebarsko. Read more...

    The actual Japetić viewpoint is just a few minutes’ hike from the mountain hut, so after your breakfast and coffee, you’ll be heading in that direction.It is one of our favorite viewpoints on the Croatian Way, from the top the view is shocking.From there, you’ll begin your descent out of the mountains until eventually you’ll come to one of the most magical forests on the hike.A tiny river flows through the middle, and you’ll need to be on the lookout for a black tube coming out of the ground that has a glass cup next to it.It’s fresh water from a pure spring!Make sure and get a taste.On this route, it’s not that difficult to get turned around and become lost, so follow your GPX tracks very carefully.Eventually, you’ll reach “Little Tuscany” (Jastrebarsko).There you'll be surrounded by fields and fields of vineyards, wine cellars, and wine houses.Don’t even think about passing them by without having a taste.The scenery on this hike is like something from a postcard.This hike allows you to bask in these views the rest of your day.

  • 3


    7 hours 23 km 70 m 50 m

    Wine trail / JASTREBARSKO - OZALJ

    Good morning!Today we’re hiking from Jastrebarsko to Ozalj.

    You’ll pass a few vineyards and the wine houses throughout the day, so stop and have a taste!This hike will be a nice refreshment for you, there is little to no incline or decline.So, allow yourself (and your feet) to enjoy the break.Today is also the first appearance of the gorgeous and ever-flowing River Kupa, which in turn will follow you for most of your journey from this point on!Soon enough you’ll come to a huge farm field.You’ll pass a small village and from there you're only about an hour and half from Ozalj.Once you reach the village on the outside of the town, you’ll see a wooden sign off the side of the road that reads “Seljačko Somaćinstvo Stjepan Čulig”.This is your accommodation for the evening, although the word accommodation doesn’t quite do it justice, better to say that this will be your “retreat” for the evening.You’ll turn right at that sign and start your climb up.At an extra charge, you can arrange a lift with us, or the owners of the house if you’re done walking for the day.This house is something special, the owners produce their own wine and schnapps of the highest quality and cook their own homemade food.Their cuisine is entirely domestic, what they don’t grow or farm themselves they purchase from the farms that surround their residence.

  • 4


    6.15 hours 21 km 120 m 110 m

    Trek to the City / OZALJ - KARLOVAC

    Good morning!Today we’re hiking from Ozalj to Karlovac.

    The sunrise in Ozalj is especially breathtaking, so make sure you wake up early enough to catch it!If you want a head start, you can arrange a lift into town with the Čuligs at an extra cost.Either way you’ll want to make sure you’ve enough time to stop by the Frankopan castle in town, truly a magical scene.After about an hour’s hike, you’re going to come to one of the coolest villages we came by on our own journey through the real Croatia, Trg Village.This village is full of oak houses from the 13th century still intact, and some of them still inhabited!Once you leave the village, you’ll come to the road of the 8 lakes.A beautiful walk, with plenty of picnic spots for a lunch stop.Your journey continues over small villages, hills, and forests.The final forest of your “Trek to the City” is a beauty.The moss-covered path leads you directly to the “Town of the Four Rivers”, also known as Karlovac.Karlovac is the first larger city you’ve come to on this journey, and the last larger city you’ll see for a while, so make sure and do all the shopping you need to do while you’re here!We recommend you stay at Hostel Na Putu for the evening.The hostel is inside of a row of historical buildings built for noblemen and merchants.You’re so close to history when you stay at Hostel Na Putu, just a 10-minute walk in any direction will reveal countless glimpses to the moments of history now long past.

  • 5


    6.35 hours 21 km 155 m 130 m

    Four Rivers / KARLOVAC - NETRETIĆ

    Make sure and wake up early again catch the sunrise at the amazing viewpoint at the beautiful castle in the old town of Karlovac.Once you get out of the big city, you’ll come to another oak forest. Read more...

    Once that forest clears, you’ll be able to see the “sleeping prince” far in the distance.The sleeping prince is a mountain here in Croatia that is full of myth and mystery.It closely resembles, you guessed it, a sleeping prince.He’s been watching you since Japetić and will follow you for most of your journey to Severin Na Kupi.Once you’re out of the forest and onto the road, you’ll come to a beautiful castle from the 12th century.We recommend you read more from our descriptions of the towns to better understand all of the beautiful history you're going to be seeing from here on out.After the castle, you’ll start heading to Netretic to rest for the night.Share your adventure today with us, let us know what you thought!Good luck.

  • 6


    5.20 hours 17.5 km 170 m 100 m

    Paths of History / NETRETIĆ - BOSILJEVO

    When you start your hike today, prepare yourself.You’re going to see a lot of history today! Read more...

    After you leave Netretić, you’ll come to a place called Wolf Hill.Don’t be alarmed though, it’s just a name!It’s a cool little village, with plenty to see.Many old abandoned houses from many periods throughout history.After a while, you’ll be connected to one of the most historic roads in all of Europe, the Lujzijana (Louisiana).You’ll have the pleasure of hiking down this road for a while.It was constructed in 1803 and changed many peoples lives in the Gorski Kotar for a very long time.After a bit, you will come to an even more historic road called the Karolina.It was constructed in 1727, and the historical treasures found along this road are even more astounding than the Luizijana.You’ll only have about a 2-hour hike from here to Bosiljevo, so enjoy and don’t forget to let us know how your journey went today, and what you thought!

  • 7


    5 hours 15 km 220 m 270 m


    This morning you’ll want to wake up early enough to spend a good amount of time exploring the old town and castle in Bosiljevo.It is by far the most intriguing and intricate castles we’ve seen. Read more...

    It was first mentioned in 1461.It’s abandoned by humans, but nature has completely taken over residence here.It looks like a castle straight out of fairy tale.Feel free to explore here as long as you want, just be careful, as it’s not very stable.As you continue your hike, you’ll enter a very beautiful forest, and eventually, you will see why we call this hike “the Forest Highway”.Once you exit the forest highway and start your decline through a few very old villages, you’ll come to one of the most beautiful valleys in all of Croatia, the valley of Kupa.Enjoy your stay in Severin Na Kupi, and let us know how your day went!Good luck.

  • 8

    Severin na Kupi

    7.30 hours 26.5 km 920 m 560 m


    There is a beautiful castle in Severin Na Kupi as well, so make sure you catch it before you leave.Don’t spend as much time though, because you have 27 km to do today! Read more...

    After a lovely hike through the forest, you’ll come to the breathtaking viewpoint, Eagles Cliff, stop there on the picnic table and have a snack before continuing.You will pass through a couple of villages as old as 500 – 600 years with very few to zero inhabitants.Finally, you will reach the historical village of Brod Moravice.Don’t forget that in the real Croatia, you should taste the food and drink you’re offered as much as possible because almost everything is completely homemade.Take full advantage of every opportunity and enjoy.Write to us and tell us how your hike went today!Good luck.

  • 9

    Brod Moravice

    6.45 hours 18.5 km 1000 m 715 m

    Valley of the Butterfly / BROD MORAVICE - BROD NA KUPI

    The Valley of the Butterfly will touch your heart and soul.The viewpoint on the way shows you your whole route for the day. Read more...

    From huge declines to long inclines, this route is sure to test you.Because of that, we recommend that you don’t choose this as your starting point.The more you hike, the more you will love it.Once you reach your destination and get to experience “The Devils Passage”, you will see exactly why this hike is worth it.Please enjoy, and as always, share your experience with us!We can’t wait to hear from you.Good luck!

  • 10

    Brod na Kupi

    6.15 hours 17.5 km 650 m 150 m

    Climb to Wish for / BROD NA KUPI - DELNICE

    If you can, try and stay two days in the Butterfly Valley, and take a swim in the beautiful and crystal clear Kupa River.The spring of the river is just a couple of kilometers away from here, so make sure and visit that treasure. Read more...

    As you start your hike for the day, you will pass a tiny UNESCO protected village with only 7 inhabitants.Continuing on, you have quite an incline, but after yesterday, it should be a cakewalk.Plus the view and the forest are so intriguing that you really won’t feel a thing!For those of you who have enough strength, make sure you hike all the way to the top of Drgonolj mountain.It is worth the extra time!At the end of your hike, you will reach my hometown, Delnice.If you should need anything at all while you’re here, don’t hesitate to call us!Write to us and tell us if this hike was everything you wished for.Enjoy!

  • 11


    5 hours 15 km 160 m 240 m

    Mystic Forest - DELNICE - LOKVE

    Welcome to the Mystic Forest!One of the oldest and tallest in Gorski Kotar. Read more...

    Everyone who has experienced this unbelievably green and exceptionally clean environment leaves feeling refreshed, and relaxed.The ancient Mystic Forest lies in the nature park of Golubinjak.You’ll have plenty of time to relax and take in the beauty here.Be careful though!The love people feel for this forest can be so great, that you’ll never want to leave.Soon enough you’ll be in Lokve, and get to experience the lake there.If you have enough time in your day left, go ahead and go for a swim and recharge your battery!Tell us about your experience with the Mystic Forest.Good luck, and please do enjoy.

  • 12


    7 hours 22 km 290 m 210 m

    Swim and Relax / LOKVE - CRNI LUG (Mrzle Vodice)

    Sitting just on the edge of Risnjak National Park, this hike has some rare and beautiful sights that are not to be missed.You should take full advantage, including taking frequent swimming breaks. Read more...

    Lake Lokve is perfect for just that.You’ll follow the lake and its curvy path, and when you come to the bridge under the water, you’ll know you’re close to the fairytale village of Mrzle Vodic.From there, you’ll be able to see your next destination, the peak of Risnjak mountain.The most gorgeous sceneries will surround you the next 6 days.Enjoy your stay in Crni Lug, and save your energy for tomorrow, when you’ll hike Risnjak!Let us know how your day went.

  • 13

    Mrzle Vodice

    5.45 hours 16 km 825 m 150 m

    The Magic of Risnjak / CRNI LUG - PLATAK

    When you wake up this morning, prepare yourself for one of the greatest hikes you’ll come across on your journey, Risnjak National Park.This magical journey will awaken all of your senses. Read more...

    It is an incline of 2400 feet, but at this point in your journey, your body will be such a machine that you won’t even feel it.Once you reach the top, you will experience the view of a lifetime.Mountains and hills stretching as far as the eye can see.Once you pick your jaw up off the ground, it’s time to start the decline to Platak.Platak is the perfect ending to this hike, so grab some food, beer, and shut-eye.You’ve earned it!Share the magic of your journey with us!Good luck.

  • 14


    5 hours 15.5 km 360 m 420 m

    Outlook / PLATAK - HAHLIĆ

    As soon as you start hiking, the first thing you’ll notice is the unique flora of the mountains.Most of the time, you’ll be able to see the islands and the Adriatic Sea. Read more...

    In the wintertime, these mountains will be snow-capped, which makes for an extraordinary sight.It’s a scenery you won’t soon forget.This is Europe’s most popular area for filming movies about cowboys and Indians, and you can definitely see why.In the case that all of the mountain houses are full, you’ll need to hike to Grobnik, which means you’ll have to miss Hahlič.But being upon the Dorter hill, you won’t be disappointed that you had to miss one more day in the mountains, the scenery competes very well with Hahlič.In the case that you require a luggage transfer, you will also need to hike straight through to Grobnik, because there are no passable roads to Hahlič.Please keep this in mind when planning your trip.Please let us know what you thought of today’s hike!Enjoy.

  • 15


    6.30 hours 19 km 30 m 920 m

    Follow the River / HAHLIĆ - GROBNIK (Dražice)

    From the amazing scenery of the mountains, you will begin your decline over the Green Oak Monument, and into the spring and cave of the Rijećina River.Continuing from there, you’ll follow that gorgeous river and its flow, all the way to the villages surrounding it. Read more...

    Enjoy a bit here, and take a rest.You are now near Grobnik!You can choose to stay in one of the surrounding villages, or in Grobnik, whichever suits you!Make sure and check out the Frankopan Castle in Grobnik.Let us know how you did today, we can’t wait to hear from you!Good luck.

  • 16

    Grobnik / Jelenje

    4 hours 13.5 km 200 m 310 m

    Blood Valley / GROBNIK (Jelenje) - RIJEKA

    The reason we call this “Blood Valley” is because of all the important battles that have taken place here over the centuries.From huge battles with the Mongolian Empire in the 12th century, all the way to the 20th century in WWII. Read more...

    As you continue to hike, following the flow of the river, you’ll come to a point where you will climb on a remarkable hill and into the town of Rijeka.Immediately you will see why Rijeka was such an important and influential town in Croatia’s history.To get to the city you’ll have to pass the historic staircase that has 576 stairs.The view will take our breath away.Let us know about today’s journey, and enjoy!

  • 17


    6.30 hours 22 km 45 m 35 m

    Preparation Day / RIJEKA - LOVRAN

    This is the day where you get to rest and rejuvenate yourself, and mentally prepare for the final challenge.From the center of Rijeka, you’ll take the Delta bus to the station called Marčeljeva Draga. Read more...

    From there you have an easy 14 km walk by the sea.The name of the walk you’ll be on is called Lungmare.Enjoy yourself, and take frequent swim breaks in the beautiful beaches like Volosko, Opatija, Ika, or hold out for the final destination Lovran.Relax as much as you can because tomorrow is your last and most challenging hike.We hope by this point you’ve already gotten what you came for.We’ve hiked the whole Croatian Way, and we hope you feel exactly what we felt when we reached the point you’re at.Tell us what you think of your day off, and how you feel!Enjoy.

  • 18


    7.15 hours 14 km 1450 m 57 m

    See What You Gained / LOVRAN - UČKA (Vojak)

    On this final and amazing day, you begin by climbing.The scenery surrounding you, and the happiness inside of you will give you the strength and willpower. Read more...

    Don’t rush, you have all day, so really absorb everything around you, and cherish this last hike.We wish you a magical ending to a magical journey.We sincerely hope that Croatian Way has had an impact on your life, and on the way you view the world.You will be able to see what you’ve gained when you reach the top.You will see how much you’ve grown spiritually, mentally, and physically.The 360-degree viewpoint at the top of Učka will open your eyes and your mind.You will be able to see where you came from and maybe even in your mind’s eye, where you’re going.All we hope is that we played a role in helping you find you again.We truly wish you all the best in life.Help us out by sharing your story with us, and most importantly, with people who you think would benefit from this journey as well.We’ll see you very soon when we open our Kayaking and Cycling Routes.Doviđenja!


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