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We are a small international team led by creative ideas and a vision of tourist development in continental Croatia. We want to use the knowledge that we’ve gained while traveling the world and working in different areas of tourism for the benefit of the wider community. We are lovers of life, challenges, people, adventure, nature, and traveling. We believe in the goodwill of people, hard work, entrepreneurship, and love.

Using Croatia’s diversity in natural landscapes and resources, along with our compassion and knowledge, we are working to become one of the most desirable destinations in the field of active tourism. We seek to provide our guests with memories which will last for a lifetime. Combined with the mission, our primary goal is to create a better living environment and more opportunities for young people within rural Croatia. We know that the true beauty of the country is not just in the stunning scenery, national heritage, or tourist attractions, but also very much so in the local people. Their kindness and generosity, as well as their authentic and domestic products are an instant portal to the past. Together, these things are what make ‘Croatian Way’ so special.

We want you to discover the undiscovered with us.

Lexie and Sacha

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