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Croatian Way

Create memories that last a lifetime!

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Croatian Way

Because memories are priceless!

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Croatian Way

Find love and emotions, find yourself!

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Croatian Way

Meet the real Croatia!

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Croatian Way

Boldly go where no tourist has gone before!

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Croatian Way

Time is momentary, but moments are timeless!

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Croatian Way

Discover the undiscovered Croatia!

Tailor Made Adventures Through Undiscovered Croatia

We are a small enthusiastic company who has searched mountain and continental Croatia high and low to discover some of its most special hidden gems. We have made exploring this part of the country easily accessible for the first time! It’s all at your fingertips, so just click, sit back, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure.

Now nature lovers from all around the world can find real adventure with us through 4 different types of holidays:
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• We have created an astonishing 19-day marked hiking trail which passes through 2 protected nature Parks, National Park Risnjak, 1 protected forest park, 1 protected nature reserve, ancient castles, historic towns, rushing rivers, beautiful waterfalls, peaceful lakes, and many more amazing attractions. The trail in its entirety is 344 kilometres long, and there are accommodations all along the Way that are easily booked through our website. We provide logistic support such as luggage transportation, GPX tracks, a helpful guidebook (coming soon), and other services to make your journey easier.

• Have the time of your life on our exciting 6-day canoe / kayak route which extends through a rare and undiscovered area of Croatia following the Kupa river. It starts at the edge of National Park Risnjak and follows Kupa for 175 kilometres through to Karlovac. There are accommodations all along the route that are easily booked through our website. With the help of Gorski Tok, we provide all logistic support, safety equipment, and many other services to make your journey easier. On this adventure, a professional guide is not needed, but if necessary, can be arranged.

• If you’re traveling by car or motorcycle, the best way to see the real country is to skip the highway and take a trip down some of the most historic roads in Europe, the Lujzijana, Karolina, and Jozefina, all built around the 18th century. The route is over 750 km long and connects over 120 villages and cities, as well as the most significant tourist attractions. You’ll get to fully immerse yourself in the national culture and heritage, and sample some of the best domestic food and beverages, from locally owned productions and restaurants. There are accommodations easily booked through our online platform all along the route.

• In 2019, we are going to develop a 10-day road cycling route which connects Zagreb with Pula and passes through over 100 villages, towns, and cities. It stretches over 700 km, and on it, you’ll see the most significant tourist attractions, national heritage sites and taste the best domestic food and beverages. There are accommodations all along the way which are easily booked through our website. Together with our partner, we’ll provide full logistic support, bicycles, equipment, and many other services you may need on the way. A professional guide is not needed, but, if necessary, it can also be arranged.

Whichever Way you do choose; an unforgettable journey lies ahead. Affordable, active, and adventurous. Follow your intuition and let us help you make your dreams come true! You can contact us for advice, and we will help organize your adventure through our partners.

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In the attractions you can find all of the historical sights, National Parks, castles, museums, caves, mountains, viewpoints, waterfalls, natural springs, and domestic food and wine production. In services you can find all that you may need for a comfortable and enjoyable experience on your journey. Including one special bonus, the Croatian Way recommended best restaurant in every town on the route.

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Luggage Transfers

Is your stuff weighing you down? Want even more freedom? Let us liberate you from your luggage.
We will transfer your luggage, or even you, to your desired destination.


When you leave for your adventure, you’ll know we won’t be far behind to grab your bags.

During Your trip

You can explore all day with just a light backpack to carry around!


When you arrive at your accommodation, your luggage will be there waiting for you.

croatian way book
Pocket Guide

Still have more questions? We’ve got all the answers here in our pocket guide! From history, to step by step route tips, everything you need to know is in this little guy.
Also included are the pages for your exclusive CroWay stamps! You’ll collect a new one in every town you hike or drive to. Collect all the stamps and receive a special gift from all of us here.

croatian way gpx track
GPS tracks

Here you can download every GPS tracks that you’ll need for your journey. They will help you safely navigate the Croatian Way, so you can spend less time getting lost, and more time exploring! All GPX tracks included!

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Time is momentary but moments are timeless.

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